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A quick introduction of Fly ’em High Dogfrisbee

Hi, we’re Yvette and Reint and we’re the owners of Fly ’em High, a dog training centre which has been specialized in discdog since 2003.

Discdog is more than just a hobby to both of us. It’s a major part of our life and we regularly attend courses ourselves to keep our knowledge up-to-date and learn even more about dog behaviour.


Courses, shows and judging

We offer discdog courses on every level, from just starting out to competition-level. We also educate and mentor people who are interested in judging discdog competitions. We travel all over the country, as well as internationally, to give workshops and demonstration and help clubs to improve their techniques.


Want to know more?

You can always contact us for questions, more information about our club or advice about discdog.

Discdog courses

Would you like to find out if discdog is the sport for you and your dog? Read everything about our courses here. Lessons take place at our own location in Boelenslaan.


Fly ’em High organizes discdog workshops at our own location several times a year, open to both starters and experienced players. We also offer the possibility of organizing a workshop at your own location. Would you like to know more? Contact us for more information.


The Fly ’em High demo-team is well-known all through Europe, and we give demonstrations at events and dogschools to introduce more people to this amazing sport. We’re happy to tell you all about our team and the possibilities of having us perform at your event.

Find a suitable dog-safe disc in our webshop

A canine disc is different than a normal human disc. Sadly petstores and toystores often sell discs unsuitable for dogs. The plastic used to create those discs are too hard and might damage your dog’s mouth.

In our webshop, you can order special canine discs. These discs have been designed especially for dogs and are made out of flexible materials which won’t cause harm to your dog.

Fly ’em High is Europe’s biggest importer for Hero Disc, Wham-O and Hyperflite. You will find discs of all these brands in our shop, as well as Mamadisc and collectibles.


Need advice? Contact us!

If you’re in doubt on what disc to buy, feel free to contact us. After asking you just a few questions, we’ll be able to explain which disc would be a good fit for your dog.


Promotional discs

Apart from the regular discs, we also offer the possiblity to clubs and companies to order discs from any of the above brands, printed with their own logo. The ideal disc for promotional purposes.


Would you like to know more? Contact us!

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4 dagen geleden

Fly 'em High

Fotoboek van de World Finals 2018 in de maak

Foto's zijn vandaag en gister aangeleverd door Rick Letteboer, Peter Voort en onze eigen Tess en er wordt nu hard aan gewerkt om het bij de drukker te krijgen. Het wordt een boek waarbij we gaan proberen iedereen te plaatsen die heeft meegedaan ongeacht ranking.
Het wordt een hardcover met rond de 50 pagina's foto's. Kosten zullen €50,- zijn exclusief verzending. Heb je interesse stuur ons een mail naar [email protected] onder vermelding boek WF2018

World Finals 2018 photo album in the making!

We have received photos from Rick Letteboer, Peter Voort and our own Fly 'em High team member Tess Binnerts yesterday and are currently working hard to get the album ready for printing. We will try to include a picture of everyone who participated in the finals, no matter their final ranking.
The album will have a hardcover and around 50 pages filled with photos. The expected price is €50, shipping excluded.
If you're interested in getting an album of your own, send us an email with the subject 'album WF2018' at [email protected]
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7 dagen geleden

Fly 'em High

Hallo allen, precies 1 week na de start van de last chance major en het weekend van de UFO WF 2018, is alles bijna weer bij het oude.
Wij Yvette en Reint willen graag iedereen bedanken die hier aan heeft deelgenomen en heeft meegeholpen.
Speciale dank gaat echter uit naar ons team, die ons in de aanloop naar, tijdens en erna super hebben geholpen met het opzetten, bedenken uitwerken enz van het event.
Dit was ook al doe je dit al jaren van een heel ander caliber en ik mag zeggen, wij zijn trots op wat er neer gezet is......
Van uit de grond van ons hart bedankt... zonder jullie was dit niet mogelijk geweest.

Hi all just one week after the start off the last chance major and the weekend of the UFO WF2018 everything is almost back to normal. We Yvette and Reint like to thank everybody who toke part off this wonderfull weekend. Special thanks too our team wich did a hole lot off work to let the event run so smoothly. Most of the time we forget this people but we need all off them really hard. Without all of them no competition! Thanks a lot guys we are very very proud off what we did as team.
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