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Webshop, workshops & demonstraties Dogfrisbee. De grootste importeur in Europa van Hero Disc, Wham-O en Hyperflite.

About us

Hi, we’re Yvette and Reint and we’re the owners of Fly ’em High, a dog training centre which has been specialized in discdog since 2003.
Discdog isn’t just a hobby to us, it’s more of a lifestyle. Because it’s such a major part of our lives, we have both taken several courses to learn as much as possible about dog behaviour and keep our knowledge up-to-date.

Courses and judging

You can find us at our own location several days a week, teaching groups of discdog enthusiasts and their dogs at recreational and competition level. We also mentor people interested in judging competitions and visit clubs to teach them more about discdog and improve their techniques.

Webshop for suitable canine discs

Over the past couple of years we have been importing several brands of discs which are suitable to play discdog with. In our webshop you will find the correct equipment to get started. These special canine discs have been designed especially for dogs and are made of soft, dog-safe materials.
Petstores and toystores often sell discs which are unsafe to use with your dog. These are usually made out of hard plastic, which is liable to cracking and breaking and might harm your dog’s mouth.
We also offer the possiblity to clubs and companies of getting discs printed with your own logo, which makes them ideal for promotional purposes. This possibility only applies to discs ordered at our webshop.

Demonstrations and workshops

When requested, we give demonstrations to promote and introduce people to the sport of discdog. If you would like to know more, or learn about the possibilities of hosting a demonstration or workshop at your dogschool, you can find more information here.
For questions about discdog or other information, you can always contact us.
Enjoy our site,
Yvette and Reint